Stories Of Wives Who Spank Their Husbands

While these stories are not about cuckolding and cheating, they do have a delicious take on married life and domestic discipline, plus they’re by a great friend Mistress Femme – so I’m posting a quick heads up here for my readers.

A great collection of erotic short stories featuring dominant married women who decide the best way to their husband’s hearts is through their bare bottom! Spanked and “corrected” in a variety of kinky and deliciously humiliating ways (and sometimes in even in front of their mother in laws, always a good one) these husbands learn what it is to be married to a woman who takes no shit!

As it should be, right, gals?

My favorite was “A Hair Brush For Harry” about a huge fat woman who loves to tan her husband’s ass at the drop of a hat! Great character and dialog, a hallmark of Mistress Femme, make all these spanked husband stories a delight and I highly recommend them.