More Surprising Results From Cuckold Study

As the Internet opens up more and more avenues of human sexual expression and allows people to view their fellow citizens sexual activities, it is still surprising to know that many married men actually like to be forced to watch their wives cheat with other men, especially men of different races. Known as “cuckolding”, these men find sexual satisfaction and arousal from being a willing participant in their wives adulterous affairs, and often engage in homosexual or bisexual sexual relations with the other man under her direction or domination.

Feminized And Sexually Humiliated

These are some of the surprising results revealed in a new study on marital relations released by the Institute For Human Sexual Progress in Copenhagen, Denmark. Participants in the study were married men aged 18 to 59 who admitted to being party to their wives adulterous affairs and being labeled as a “cuckold” in the process. Many had also admitted to being the sexually submissive partner in the marriage and having a dominant wife seem to play a large role in whether or not a married man will submit to being forced to watch and take part in his wife’s elicit sexual liaisons.

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“These men are what would be termed wimps or sexually inferior males” said professor Meganen, “and it is not surprising that their wives seek sexual release and adventure outside of the marriage. However, it was still quite shocking to learn that not only will the wife have sex with another man she will force the husband to sexually satisfy the new partner as well, something that is not spoken of much outside of the household.”

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When interviewed, many of the men admitted that they were also feminized by their wives and forced to wear female clothing as they acted out sexual fantasies for the gratifications of the other partner and dominant cheating wife. Being the sissy male maid and having to perform grading and sexually humiliating acts were part and parcel of the cuckolding husband and wife relationship dynamic, which in fact was deemed also sexually arousing by some of the men.

What are your chances of becoming a cuckold and sissy male maid under the thumb of a dominant wife? Apparently it depends entirely on the relationship dynamic between the couple before they are even married, with couples containing a highly dominant female the chances are almost 50-50 that the male at some time in the marriage will become a cuckold or at the very least be humiliated by his wife’s cheating activities.

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The study was 4 years in length and contained interviews with over 4000 married couples in North America and Western Europe, the results will be further studied and published in a new book entitled “The Cuck Husband: A Study In Marital Sexual Humiliation”.

Excerpted from the study in 2012.

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My Cuckold Fantasy

Even though I am not yet married, I have a favorite cuckold fantasy I get off on all the time. I imagine I’m married to a beautiful, but cruel Asian woman who forces me to watch her cheat with a vast array of different well-hung strangers. Of course she humiliates me by making me dress up in sheer pantyhose and high heels, then assist her in sexually satisfying her hulking male lovers. I like to fantasize that she invites one or more of them over for dinner and I must get underneath the table, between their legs to suck them off as she serves the various courses and engages them in sparkling conversation.

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Of course I’ve never told any of my friends about my cuckold fantasies, how could they possibly understand that I would want to be married to a woman who not only cheated on me, but also forced me to perform humiliating homosexual acts on her lovers? Think what you might, all I know is the idea of being in such a lop sided relationship would be something I could really enjoy. It’s not that I’m gay, just more bi curious and would feel safer exploring my bisexual urges if a woman was involved in the equation. And being my wife, I could be secure in the knowledge she would never tell anyone about my bedroom proclivities.

Now one could never possibly propose such a situation to a woman who you are planning on marrying, right? But thanks to an awesome phone sex service dedicated to cuckold sexual fantasies, I have been able to explore a whole range of scenarios involving being feminized, forced to suck, and being the sissy male maid of a huge “black bull”. It’s something I get to explore in the secrecy of my own room and it is always private and 100% personal – what could be better?

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I should note that there is a cost involved, but for such a paltry sum one can enjoy the most extreme and explicit cuckolding sexual fantasies you could ever think of, and I don’t know about you, but I would gladly pay for such an awesome and arousing experience. Give it a try and see what you think, because if for some strange reason you don’t like it will a lot easier than having to divorce your wife if you catch her cheating!

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Terrified Of Her Black Bull

I need help, I’m at my wits end! My wife’s black bull, Marvin, is completely out-of-control. He’s not even really interested in fucking her anymore, he seems to just want to take my ass repeatedly – and even now invites his friends to do it to!

He likes to come over when she’s a work, usually bringing one or two of his gross gangster thug friends along and making me perform for them. He makes me put on her panties and dance around in front of them until they’re sexually excited enough to make me orally copulate ALL of them!

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Building Her Relationship Through Cuckolding

I heard a super fun and super naughty cuckold story from my girlfriend Heidi the other day.

She never really mentioned it before, but apparently she takes great enjoyment in sexually humiliating and cuckolding her boyfriend Gary in various ways.

How? By making him watch her get fucked by random guys she picks up! Whoa! You’d never know it by looking at her, she’s always been kind of a mouse and church-goer. Yeah, we talk about sex and stuff like all girls do, but I never knew she was so kinky – or sexually dominant. Go girl!

Anyway, at lunch she told me that she carefully screens and chooses each new guy for something her boyfriend doesn’t have – like one for a big cock or one who is muscular, loves to do anal, etc. She wants Gary to constantly be made aware of his sexual deficiencies, the idea being so he’s always conscious of how lucky he is to have her at all.

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Black Bull For A Cheating Wife

So last night after the softball game, a few of my husband Frank’s friends were staying after to hang out with us for a few more drinks and some chat. Honestly, I was super excited. See, one of the guys is this super hot black stud, Graz, and I have to admit I’ve been wanting to fuck his brains out for the longest time.

Just watching him play softball with his shirt off, that fine black muscular body glistening in the sun makes me SO wet! I even masturbate to thoughts of him ramming me from behind with that huge black cock when I’m home alone.

And lucky for me, my hubby lets me sleep with others!

A Cheating Wife

Well, he really doesn’t have much say in the matter, I’m the dominant sexual partner in our marriage and to be honest, he’s just a total dud in bed. I think he knows like two sex positions and sucks at both! When we were dating he seemed at least sweet and nice, but I soon learned it’s just because he’s too much of a wuss to be anything else. I mean, I want a man to slap my ass and pull my hair sometimes, you know? Take me caveman style and make me do things that I’d never admit to in public!

So, I have to look elsewhere.

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