Black Bull In Charge Of His Ass

I went shopping at the new mall on Main yesterday.

For what you ask? Well, sexy lingerie of course!

But here’s the twist. It’s wasn’t for me. Ha ha. Oh no, this time I bought the silk and lace stuff for my husband, Darrel!

He thinks he’s the ultimate in sexy machismo and quite the bed stud, too bad I’ve been cheating on him with Gary from next door. He’s a black ex-con who’s only been out for a few weeks, but I met him one day when I saw he was checking me out as I sun bathed topless in the backyard a little while ago.

And he’s got a cock that would make a derby winner proud! Big and thick with a head like a baby’s fist, he just loves fucking my brains out with it – he even calls me his “little white bitch” when he takes me from behind and pulls my hair.

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