Stories Of Wives Who Spank Their Husbands

While these stories are not about cuckolding and cheating, they do have a delicious take on married life and domestic discipline, plus they’re by a great friend Mistress Femme – so I’m posting a quick heads up here for my readers.

A great collection of erotic short stories featuring dominant married women who decide the best way to their husband’s hearts is through their bare bottom! Spanked and “corrected” in a variety of kinky and deliciously humiliating ways (and sometimes in even in front of their mother in laws, always a good one) these husbands learn what it is to be married to a woman who takes no shit!

As it should be, right, gals?

My favorite was “A Hair Brush For Harry” about a huge fat woman who loves to tan her husband’s ass at the drop of a hat! Great character and dialog, a hallmark of Mistress Femme, make all these spanked husband stories a delight and I highly recommend them.



More Surprising Results From Cuckold Study

As the Internet opens up more and more avenues of human sexual expression and allows people to view their fellow citizens sexual activities, it is still surprising to know that many married men actually like to be forced to watch their wives cheat with other men, especially men of different races. Known as “cuckolding”, these men find sexual satisfaction and arousal from being a willing participant in their wives adulterous affairs, and often engage in homosexual or bisexual sexual relations with the other man under her direction or domination.

Feminized And Sexually Humiliated

These are some of the surprising results revealed in a new study on marital relations released by the Institute For Human Sexual Progress in Copenhagen, Denmark. Participants in the study were married men aged 18 to 59 who admitted to being party to their wives adulterous affairs and being labeled as a “cuckold” in the process. Many had also admitted to being the sexually submissive partner in the marriage and having a dominant wife seem to play a large role in whether or not a married man will submit to being forced to watch and take part in his wife’s elicit sexual liaisons.

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“These men are what would be termed wimps or sexually inferior males” said professor Meganen, “and it is not surprising that their wives seek sexual release and adventure outside of the marriage. However, it was still quite shocking to learn that not only will the wife have sex with another man she will force the husband to sexually satisfy the new partner as well, something that is not spoken of much outside of the household.”

These Married Women Know No Shame!
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When interviewed, many of the men admitted that they were also feminized by their wives and forced to wear female clothing as they acted out sexual fantasies for the gratifications of the other partner and dominant cheating wife. Being the sissy male maid and having to perform grading and sexually humiliating acts were part and parcel of the cuckolding husband and wife relationship dynamic, which in fact was deemed also sexually arousing by some of the men.

What are your chances of becoming a cuckold and sissy male maid under the thumb of a dominant wife? Apparently it depends entirely on the relationship dynamic between the couple before they are even married, with couples containing a highly dominant female the chances are almost 50-50 that the male at some time in the marriage will become a cuckold or at the very least be humiliated by his wife’s cheating activities.

Cuckolding By Phone? We Do It!
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The study was 4 years in length and contained interviews with over 4000 married couples in North America and Western Europe, the results will be further studied and published in a new book entitled “The Cuck Husband: A Study In Marital Sexual Humiliation”.

Excerpted from the study in 2012.

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Can Your Husband Handle Being Cuckolded?

I have many wives tell me that they would love to cuckold their husbands, but they’re not sure he could handle it. And my response it is always “If you’re the dominant partner in your marriage, then you can make him do anything!”

Think about it ladies, the power dynamic at the very heart of the cuckold relationship is the dominant wife, so why would she even care what her husband thought? He is the junior partner now, and must obey without question your demands, both sexual and domestic. Now I can only assume that by asking the questions “can he handle it?” You are in fact asking will he accept it? And again the answer is he will accept anything you tell him to accept, as long as he understands you’re in charge of the relationship.

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A Sissy Cuckold Speaks

I knew my marriage was going down hill fast when I came home and found a pair of pink panties on my desk (in the den where I work sometimes) with a note pinned to them that read “Put these on!”

What was I to do? My wife, Natalie is a big woman, older than me and very strict in our relationship. In fact, it was she who asked me to marry her because she said I needed a woman who knew how to make a “man” out of me!

But things had obviously changed.

Feminized By The Wife

She came into the den as I was reading the note.

“Good, I see you found them, Now put them on and meet me in the bedroom”

I asked her why she wrote the note and what it means.

“It means I’ve given up on trying to make a man out of you and have decided you’d be better off as a woman” she sneered “Now get those panties on!”

Gulping with shame, I did as she asked and walked into the bedroom to see what she had in mind for this sick little farce. When I got there she was holding a hairbrush and sitting on a corner of the bed.

“Across my knee, NOW!”

Before I could say a thing she grabbed my arm, pulled me across her lap and started spanking my ass with the hairbrush. It hurt SO much!

“Quit kicking, all sissies need a spanking first thing when they get home. This is the way it’s going to be from now on, so get used to it!”

After she had spanked by burning ass to a bright glowing red, she took me by the ear and dragged me into the bathroom.

“From now on you squat when you pee! If I see you standing up to piss anymore, you’re going to get it! Understand?”

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