A Sissy Cuckold Speaks

I knew my marriage was going down hill fast when I came home and found a pair of pink panties on my desk (in the den where I work sometimes) with a note pinned to them that read “Put these on!”

What was I to do? My wife, Natalie is a big woman, older than me and very strict in our relationship. In fact, it was she who asked me to marry her because she said I needed a woman who knew how to make a “man” out of me!

But things had obviously changed.

Feminized By The Wife

She came into the den as I was reading the note.

“Good, I see you found them, Now put them on and meet me in the bedroom”

I asked her why she wrote the note and what it means.

“It means I’ve given up on trying to make a man out of you and have decided you’d be better off as a woman” she sneered “Now get those panties on!”

Gulping with shame, I did as she asked and walked into the bedroom to see what she had in mind for this sick little farce. When I got there she was holding a hairbrush and sitting on a corner of the bed.

“Across my knee, NOW!”

Before I could say a thing she grabbed my arm, pulled me across her lap and started spanking my ass with the hairbrush. It hurt SO much!

“Quit kicking, all sissies need a spanking first thing when they get home. This is the way it’s going to be from now on, so get used to it!”

After she had spanked by burning ass to a bright glowing red, she took me by the ear and dragged me into the bathroom.

“From now on you squat when you pee! If I see you standing up to piss anymore, you’re going to get it! Understand?”

Forced To Suck

But the sickest thing was, after a few weeks of this type of physical abuse, I came home one day to find another man standing in the living room kissing my wife! She acted like it was nothing and as soon as I came through the door she ordered me to get down on my knees and suck his penis! I was shocked and mortified to say the least. Wasn’t it enough I was already wearing pink panties under my business suit to work each day – and then submitting to her spankings and verbal taunts about my manhood every night?

But this?

“Get down and suck his cock, I said!”


“But nothing! If you’re going to stay in this house, you’re going to do exactly what I say WHEN I say it! Now do it!”


She slapped me across the face and punched me in the stomach, doubling me up and forcing me to one knee. Before I could say anything else or catch my breath, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face close to the stranger’s crotch.

“Get it out, Jim” my wife said “Let him see what a real man’s cock looks like!”

It was like a nightmare. Before I could move this man, Jim, unzipped his pants, pulled out his already erect penis and jammed it in my mouth! I didn’t know what to do!

“Suck it, sissy! Let’s see you do a good job!” Natalie screamed as I tried to pull my head away “Shove it down his fucking throat!”

Jim grabbed my head and started thrusting his huge penis in and out of my mouth, forcing me to suck and fellaciate him like some low woman would do. My wife just watched and laughed, pointing out that I was just a cuckold bitch now and this was to be my fate for the rest of my life! I started crying.

“Oh, look, the little sissy is crying. Don’t stop, Jim, this is what he needs to keep him in line” she hissed “Besides I want to see you cum on his face!”

Cuckolded And Feminized

I can’t bear to tell you the rest – how Jim ejaculated all over my face, how she then made me watch her have sex with him in a variety of rooms of the house, or how now she does things like this on a weekly basis with all sorts of different vile and dirty men.

Why do I stay?

Well, my religion forbids divorce and what would I tell people? That my wife made me a cuckold and forces me to have sex with men for her perverse amusement?

THAT would be worse than anything she can do to me. No, I took the vows and must see this thing through, perhaps one day she will come to her senses and we can live as a normal man and wife.

I’m praying so.

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