Cuckold Study Released

Married women more likely to cheat and cuckold than non-married females

Almost 100 per cent of married women who admit to cheating on their husbands never get found out, but the percentage of those that then go on to actively cuckold their husbands remains at about 50 percent, a new survey from “The Cuckold Cheating Study” has found. The research carried out by a cuckolding forum for married people found that 92 percent of women claim to have successfully conducted illicit encounters without their spouses discovering it unless the wife WANTED to humiliate her husband about it.

According to Mistress Femme, a noted professional Dominatrix and erotic author in New York, women are having more affairs than ever but they behave very differently from men when they cheat – they use the adultery as a way to achieve sexual dominance over their mates.

“Frequently these women want to humiliate and punish their husbands,” the Times quoted Femme as saying. “Emotionally they know that men are sexually insecure and have a desire to see themselves as the top dog in a marriage. And when a wife cheats and then forces them to watch, and in some cases perform homosexual acts on the new lover, she is telling him that SHE is in charge and the rightfully dominant partner in the relationship,” she said.

Men Are Sexually Inferior

Jackyln Miles of My Phone Mistress, which has thousands of callers, also said that women are better at being the one in charge sexually as compared the opposite sex.

“Many of our callers, almost all males, have been suspecting they are bad in bed for years without being told,” she said. “Many need the sexual humiliation we provide to get them aroused after so many years of being ignored or spurned by their wives and lovers,” Miles added.

The study also revealed that the biggest thing a man fears in a cuckold relationship is the idea of being feminized by the wife into a “sissy male maid” and forced to perform sexually for men – especially when the wife takes a black male lover, often referred to as a “black bull”.

Cuckolding seems to be something that is growing in recent years and the authors of the study hope to find out why. Further results will be published.

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