Stories Of Wives Who Spank Their Husbands

While these stories are not about cuckolding and cheating, they do have a delicious take on married life and domestic discipline, plus they’re by a great friend Mistress Femme – so I’m posting a quick heads up here for my readers.

A great collection of erotic short stories featuring dominant married women who decide the best way to their husband’s hearts is through their bare bottom! Spanked and “corrected” in a variety of kinky and deliciously humiliating ways (and sometimes in even in front of their mother in laws, always a good one) these husbands learn what it is to be married to a woman who takes no shit!

As it should be, right, gals?

My favorite was “A Hair Brush For Harry” about a huge fat woman who loves to tan her husband’s ass at the drop of a hat! Great character and dialog, a hallmark of Mistress Femme, make all these spanked husband stories a delight and I highly recommend them.



Cuckolding Spreads!

Recently a survey revealed more and more married couples are engaging in cuckolding as a variable adjunct to their sexual practices. In a questionnaire completed by over three hundred married couples, a full 67% said they had discussed allowing the wife to cheat with another man, as long as the husband got to watch. And of those who said that they had considered it, 34% said that the husband was also willing to be shamed and humiliated by his wife’s new lover as part of the experience.

That means at least half of the husbands not only agreed to let their wives cheat, they actually wanted to be part of the experience in a submissive fashion!

There you go ladies! Proof that marriage is a woman’s game and men are just pieces on the chessboard for our pleasure!


Cheating Wives By Shay Slinger

My good friend, erotic author Shay Slinger has come out with a new book of short stories entitled “Cheating Wives”, and although it is not about cuckolding per se, it IS full of deliciously naughty married women cheating and having sex behind their husband’s backs – which is the way it starts, right ladies?!

Although I much prefer it when the husband knows, joins in or gets his face rubbed in it, hehe, these stories are full of hot sex and behind the back affairs and love triangles. If reading about married women taking their pleasure where they find it is your thing (and why else would you be reading this) then download a copy at Amazon and kick back for some hot reading. The stories are short and crisp, and Shay always knows a good sex scene when she finds it!


PS – My favorite was “The Stable Boy” about a young wife who finds love in the arms of a muscular mute stable boy because of her rich old husband’s “certain” proclivities, hehe..

A Bit Of Cuckold Fun

I have to admit that the first time I cheated on my husband I did it totally behind his back. And why not? I told him when we were married I needed to have an active and varied sex life and he couldn’t keep up, then I was going to do whatever I needed to do to be satisfied. Selfish? Perhaps, but I have never been shy about asking for what I want in life, so being sexually dominant is just part and parcel of who I am. I think if more women, especially married women, were more aggressive in asking for what they wanted in life, and not just settling for what ever a male-centric world allows them, they would be much happier and full filled. Especially when it comes to sexual matters. After all, aren’t men allowed to demand what they want from a woman in bed? One only has to look at the plethora of pornography on the web to see that men have no problem in demanding all sorts of sexual experiences and kinky acts. So why not us women?

Sorry to lecture, but I don’t like the fact that sexual fidelity seems to be a convience for men, but a rigid rule for women. If I want to cheat, I do it, and if my husband has a problem with it, then that is our business. Now it just so happens that my husband Barry is quite happy to allow me my various little affairs within our marriage, in fact, he now insists upon it! Of course the fact that I’ve pretty much disciplined him into being the submissive sexual partner in our relationship and frequently require him to be my male lover’s little sissy bitch makes it fairly easy to engage in a open cuckold marriage.

I say “open cuckold” because Barry loves being able to dress up in his little pink sissy panties and high heels when I have one of my male lovers over and get his fill of watching me get fucked and then be forced to sexually service a dirty cock.

Many the time have I sat back after getting it up the ass from some hung stud and laughed as my husband has to lick his shit stained cock clean after it’s come out of my gaping asshole. And of course I love making him bend over, splay his chubby white ass cheeks and take a black cock straight up his clenching shitter until he’s yelping and begging for mercy! It rocks!

Being a cuck husband is something he loves, and I must admit, having the freedom to engage in any type of sexual encounter I desire is so liberating and inspiring, that I can’t see why any woman would want to be in a traditional straight-laced marriage? Would you?

Take it from me, ladies, men are meant to be ruled with an iron fist and wet pussy, so don’t hesitate to take control of your marriage and lay down the rules – it means lots of cock for you, and more for him if he behaves!


( a wife who also cheats)

Dominant Women Submissive Men 2 By Mistress Femme

My good friend Mistress Femme, is back with another sizzling collection of explicit short stories dealing with femdom BDSM and dominant women proving who the superior sex is!

I loved the titles in this collection, and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but two I’d like to pick out for special mention:

“The Right Woman For The Job” – I loved this story about a young, rather naive, trophy wife who decides to turn the tables on her older rich husband after the guy embarrasses and humiliates her publicly in front of his friends and business associates at a party. Fans of cuckolding and sexual domination will love how she decides to teach the man a lesson! Hot!

“Big Mama’s Cane” – This was a delightful little tale of a poor Southern white farm boy who goes to work for a fat black woman in the bad side of town. She’s a hoot! Swearing, getting drunk on moonshine – and tanning her young employee’s bare bottom with a hickory cane she keeps stashed behind the icebox! Loved it!

If you enjoy hot (and very explicit) femdom BDSM short stories, then I highly recommend Mistress Femme’s latest!


Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme

With the publication of her latest collection of erotic short stories entitled Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Volume One, my dear friend Mistress Femme pays me the compliment of including me as a character in one of her tales. The story is titled His First Black Bull and details the account of a poor bored and neglected housewife who seeks to have an adulterous affair with a muscular and handsome black man, as well as bring him home to sexually humiliate and dominate her abusive husband.

In the story I appear as Mistress Tara, which is my professional name by the way, and it has me guiding the woman in her efforts to secure a black man who would not only be willing to do such a thing, but had vast experience in it before. In the story the author has me sending her to a service that provides just such a man, being composed of black ex-cons out looking for a little bit of fun with white girls and women, where she finds a husky specimen who at one time specialized in tricking out white boys as sissies while he was imprisoned. I won’t spoil the rest of the story by telling you what happens, but trust me when I say’s it exceedingly juicy and deliciously humiliating for the husband – and of course delightfully empowering for the wife!

The truth of the matter is that yes, the woman did come to me for guidance, but I did not refer her to a service but rather one of my own slaves, a large black ex-con, who shall remain nameless, who I thought would be perfect for the part. A choice that subsequent events proved to be most correct. He not only sexually satisfied the woman but soon had her husband pimped out as his sweet sissy bitch and performing all manner of homosexual and bisexual sexual acts in the cuckolding scenario the wife concocted. Needless to say she was extremely happy with his services and paid me handsomely for the favor.

If you’re curious about the particulars, or would just like to read a sizzling selection of delicious cuckolding sex stories, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Mistress Femme’s Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Volume One from Amazon on Kindle, mobile device or even your desktop PC by following the link above, it’s well worth it and I admit I can’t wait to read volume two.

Mistress Tara

The Web Site (Cuckold Erotica)

The Web Site (Cuckold Erotica)

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